Arizona Lamborghini Club

This site has been created for the purpose of getting Arizona Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts together for various drives and social events, so that we can all enjoy seeing & hearing the greatest marque of all..............................Lamborghini!

What is the Arizona Lamborghini Club and how can you become a member?  If you are a Lamborghini Owner in Arizona, you ARE a member!  No dues, no fees, no politics..........just a group of people that share in their enthusiasm of Lamborghinis!  So, if you just recently acquired your Lamborghini or have been an owner and enthusiast for years, please make use of this site, and join in our fun events!

Check out the Events & Activities Section, as it is being constantly updated.

I will post upcoming events and continue to use e-mails as reminders.  In order to keep an up-to-date database on current Arizona Lamborghini Owners & e-mail addresses, please e-mail your contact information to:, or go to the "Contact Us" feature of this website and fill out your current information.  Please let other AZ Lambo owners know about this site so that they can do the same.


Your AZ Lambo Club President and Event Coordinator,


AKA "AZ Lambo"